Art- Maria Lord's style is characterized by the use of patterns found in nature especially flowers and plants. She carefully selects colors that reflect what she wants to project in every piece. Maria is inspired by her great appreciation for cultures and the arts. Her trips to South America and Europe inspired her to integrate folkloric elements into her pieces. Maria finds a strong source of inspiration from the beauty and contrast of two worlds within New York City: urban culture such as graffiti and the elegant sophisticated work found in galleries and museums.

Products- Maria Lord's vision was to develop a line of beautiful products that are also practical. In a world of technology and instant consumption we have lost a lot of traditions that are important in the art of giving. Digital cards that are not as personal have replaced receiving a greeting card with the receiver's handwriting and a word to encourage or to celebrate. Maria's lines of greeting cards are very special, they are collections uniquely designed with the intent of maintaining a personal touch and keeping connection as paramount.

This online boutique is a one-stop spot to shop for your loved ones, where you can find greeting cards, gifts, and print. This beautiful line of products can be used not only as gifts to others but also to ourselves… Enjoy your stay!