Maria Lord has an associate degree in graphic design from Rockland Community College and a bachelor of fine arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology. As an artist, Maria draws influence from her unique multicultural upbringing. Maria is a native of New York born to immigrant parents; her mother is Peruvian and her father is from Romania. At the age of six months Maria moved with her grandparents to Lima, Peru where she lived most of her childhood years. From an early age, Maria demonstrated a strong artistic inclination.

As a child Maria was known for gathering objects found outdoors and bringing them home in order to recycle them into beautiful creations. Her taste was not typical for a young child, instead of watching cartoons, she preferred to watch musicals and ballet. She spent her leisure time creating drawings and designs influenced by her unusual taste. 

Many tools, which nurtured Maria's creativity, were gifted to her by her family during childhood. Her grandparents owned a bookstore, and when Maria went to help in the store, her grandfather would give her calligraphy workbooks to practice her handwriting. Maria also had a private art tutor; she learned art techniques and theories from her instructor, and integrated these with her artistic individuality. Even as a child she would create her own vision without allowing the norms and rules of formal training to change her artistic style. Maria went to a Peruvian-Chinese school for four years, which also influenced her aesthetics. It was during this time in her childhood that Maria acquired a deep appreciation for the beauty found in nature, which is also reflected in her work.

At age twelve, Maria moved to Rockland County, a suburban area north of New York City. Attracted by the life of the city, Maria spent her spare time during her adolescence with friends in lower Manhattan. Her fascination with the cultural diversity in New York and the fusion of these were elements that can also be seen in her work. Maria has worked in the fashion industry for several years; she has created a myriad of prints and embellishments and has also provided artistic direction to many companies. Her vision is to create beautiful pieces that can be shared by people in meaningful moments. It was this concept that inspired her to create cards and gifts. She strongly believes that through sharing, giving, and receiving a better world can be created.